Spring and Summer 2017


Well last year was incredibly busy for Hara and saw performances at the Town Hall, festivals, gigs, busking, Christmas markets, flash mob, events large and small, on stages, in fields and everything in between.

2017 looks to be our busiest yet with our first restaurant performances, tattoo convention and university workshop and bookings right into November already!

We’re excited to get back outside and this Spring and Summer see us returning to some of our favorite events; Spring Wood Day, the Indian Summer Mela etc, and we’re honored to appear at a Goddess day in April and at the highly popular Maui Waui festival.

If that wasn’t enough we’ve been using the dark part of the year to skill-up and have been learning SWORD and FIRE dancing to incorporate into our performances.

If you’re interested in hiring us for your event or private function, please get in touch. We hope to see you soon x

Dancing with Zambra Project 2016


Brief Update

Hi all


Firstly, I have decided to close my classes to new students for the time being. I have to balance the needs of my regular students who have all worked so hard and have all progressed to a certain level.

Having said that I’m very happy to do private lessons and small workshops so get in touch if these appeal.

I’m happy to admit to class anyone who works hard and reaches mid level 2 standard (where class is at) through private lessons or self-teaching.


Secondly, I’m very happy to announce that Hara Tribal will be offering two Taster Sessions at the University of East Anglia’s ‘Do Something Different Week’ with a view to starting regular classes on campus soon.

Further details here: https://portal.uea.ac.uk/learning-and-teaching/do-something-different-week


The Importance of Being Tribal

We help each other with hair flowers, skirt tucking. Hurried last minute conversations about the direction of the audience, our entrance, ‘zills?’ and ‘smile!’. We head for the stage together sharing last minute nervous smiles, big sighs and butterflies. As we stand ready to explode on stage, we morph into parts of the same being, fleeting hive mind with dancing in flow, the ultimate goal…

It is hard to put into words what this dance has given to me but currently I am revelling in seeing it’s magic wrought on my students. ‘Dancing has got me through recently’ I’ve been told and nod with a knowing smile.

When we dance we share a conversation, writ large in our bodies, played out on our faces. When we can hush the nerves and scrabbling brain searching the next move, and the next, we share something hidden from the audience but manifesting as pure joy.

The joy of knowing another body that you know their next move before they’ve done it, the joy of laughing out loud as a students radiant smile exposes their new found confidence, the joy of moving in unison, as one, the joy of hitting the right spot in the music with perfect timing, the joy of taking a risk and seeing all your tribe members rise to it, the joy of flow and seeing others dancing it too…..

As we’ve entered summer performance season, it’s easy to get caught up in all the preparations, plans and nerves, so here’s a moment to appreciate the process, the long hard slog, the journey and above all the eyes and the connection they enable.

What a honour to witness such beauty

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Plans for Summer 2016

Hi all


Despite just entering Spring, we’re starting to look ahead to the busy summer season.

We would love to hear from you if you would like us to perform at your event.

Here are our current plans:


April 9th – Mind, Body, Spirit Festival – Martlesham Heath, Ipswich

May 2nd – Spring Wood Day – Ipswich

May 7th – Eastern Beats (Helen with visiting dancers) – Norwich

May 27-29th – Wild Tree Fair – Norfolk – TBC

July 10th – Indian Summer Mela – Ipswich

August 4-7th – Harlequin Fayre – Norfolk


More TBC


See you in the fields, and on the streets!


astrakan folkeast

Autumn Beginners Workshops

Old Hall WS 2



Workshop 1: 10.30-11.30 Tribal Basics

Workshop 2: 11.35-12.30 Fun with Formations


X1 Workshop: £10

X2 Workshops: £15

Contact me for group booking discount


Please email me at haratribal@gmail.com with your name and workshop choice to book a place.




Hello lovely dancers and dancers to be!

I have now combined my two weekly classes into one, at a fantastic new venue with MIRRORS!

From now on classes are held on Tuesday’s 6-7pm at Maindenhall Sports Centre, Maidenhall Approach, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 8NZ

See you there!

Indian Summer Mela 2015

Indian Summer Mela 2015

Summer Diary Dates

Phew we have a busy summer ahead (and I hope you like the new look blog)


  • 20/06   Multi-Cultural Event – Landguard Fort
  • Friends & Family Evening          Old Hall Community
  • 27/06   Multi-Cultural Day – Ipswich County Library


  • 12/07   Indian Summer Mela – Christchurch Park, Ipswich


  • 01/08 Sudbury Greenpeace Festival
  • 02/08ATS Picnic – Bredfield Village Hall
  • 07-09/08  Harlequin Fayre (Performance & Workshop), Norfolk
  • 23/08   SoapBox Stage – Glemham Hall, Suffolk Dancing for      Astrakan Project
  • 30/08   Colchester Free Festival – Colchester


  • 4-6/09      Maui Waui Festival – TBC,  Suffolk

cropped-10264896_855263967823926_1219959077281101612_n.jpg See you in the fields & on the streets!